Another classic album by Neal Morse, this time with the cast and crew of the musical Jesus Christ The Exorcist, wrapped in together.

“Introduction,” grand and bombastic. “Overture,” simply epic and a shredder’s paradise. “Getaway,” a rocker, with some seriously bombastic vocals. “Gather The People,” takes things to another epic level, with the vocals weaving their way into the acoustic melodies. “Jesus’ Baptism,” conjures up euphoric moments with the vocals and the piano working together nicely. “Jesus’ Temptation,” takes on a Deep Purple element with chaotic lines thrown together with impressive direction. “There’s a Highway,” is a rocker. “The Woman Of Seven Devils,” rocks out hard, bringing with it some seriously catchy riffs and a ball breaking solo. “Free At Last,” takes its turn into the ethereal, marking out some interesting ground and shifting the landscape. “The Madman of the Gadaerenes,” shifts and turns with elements of growth. “Love Has Called My Name,” is hopeful and thoughtful, shifting and turning at turns. “Better Weather,” a hopeful rocker. “The Keys To The Kingdom,” is emphatic.

“Get Behind Me Satan,” an anthemic roar of a song that travels through space and time. “He Must Go To The Cross,” is chaos personified with a crowd chant that makes the spine shiver. “Jerusalem,” simply epic and pounding and ground standing. “Heart Full of Holes,” a piano melody that changes into something both beautiful and epic as well. “The Last Supper,” is filled with anticipation and lines of drafts and doubt. “Gethesemane,” epic. “Jesus Before the Council,” a moving shifting tome. “Judas Death,” is a horrifying tale told in the mixture of everything else around it. “Jesus Before Pilate,” conveys the ceremonial attitude of the atmosphere and the occasion. “Mary At The Tomb,” another song that simply exudes confidence and darkness. “The Greatest Love of All,” is powerful and enchanting. “Love Has Called My Name,” is an epic rocker.

The album is out on 14th June via Frontiers Music.