‘Myth of I’ by Myth of I


  • Matt Lippa / Drums

  • Jennings Smith / Guitar

  • Tyler Fritzel / Guitar

  • Aodán Collins  / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Pandora

  • The Illustrator

  • Cherophobia

  • Obsidian Vale

  • Glass Castles

  • Needlepoint

  • The Maze

  • Kodama

  • 妖怪(ようかい)

  • Felix Culpa

  • Panzer

“Pandora,”starts things off. Slowly weaving into being and setting the scene for everything that is to come.

“The Illustrator,” moves with a jangled fury turning the screws and giving way to melodic delight.

“Cherophobia,” takes on a reflective tone and shifts ever so slightly.

“Obsidian Vale,” haunts the periphery and turns the screws ever so slightly toward the darkness.

“Glass Castles,” runs the gauntlet, turning up and dividing the scene into little chunks that makes life a little bit more digestable.

“Needlepoint,” shimmers and shakes. Bringing forth a lot of good work and showing off a divergent counterpoint.

“The Maze,” slams down hard. It produces something that gets the listener going and ensures that the band are given the opportunity to explore their full range.

“Kodama,” turns and shifts through, exploring the complexities at the heart of human life.

“妖怪(ようかい),” is melodic.

“Felix Culpa,” goes down a divergent route, shifting the strands of time through the unchanging and unending melodies of the mind.

“Panzer,” pushes down hard and brings the complexities to life.

The album is out on 10th April via the Artisan Era.