‘Clarity’ by My Heavy Memory


  • David Hechim / Vocals

  • Todd Galland / Guitar

  • Eddie Koeller / Guitar

  • Rich Haley / Bass

  • Paul Monteiro / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Truth In Lies

  • Keep Coming Back

  • Bleed The Way

  • Council Fire

  • Clarity

  • This Might Be

  • Made Of Thorns

  • Hanging By A Thread

“Truth In Lies,”kicks off proceedings for My Heavy Memory, a song that is a riff sandwich and a half. It moves between distorted chaos and smooth seduction with ease. The vocals croon into being and paint a fascinating picture.

“Keep Coming Back,” works over time, shifting the strands of time toward a delegated sense of chaos. A song that is built on a solid riff and a half.

“Bleed The Way,” pushes the pulpit. It goes between call and response and sheer fanaticism. A song that works overtime to deliver the perfect My Heavy Memory twist.

“Council Fire,” is dark, distorted and frenetic. The guitar work on this song is simply fantastic.

“Clarity,” the title track by My Heavy Memory is a work of art. A song that veers from one extreme to another before diving into something completely new and refreshing. It takes the turn of the worst sort and unleashes chaos.

“This Might Be,” pushes the boundaries of time and space. A slow moving rapture that delivers something that is truly anthemic.

“Made Of Thorns,” slithers through the catacombs of time and space. My Heavy Memory deliver something quite powerful.

“Hanging By A Thread,” moves with a well earned swagger, a song that really hits hard and hits home.

The album is out on July 17th.