“Crucial Crue: The Studio Albums 1981-1989,” by Motley Crue


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


Motley Crue were at the forefront of the glam metal movement of the 1980s, they pushed hard and they partied harder. They took an entire generation to the forefront of the mainstream and now with this new boxset an entirely new generation of listeners gets to hear the songs that inspired a generation.

Songs such as “Live Wire,” and “Take Me To The Top,” from the debut album show why the band caught attention. Hitting the right ground between punk and hard rock.

This sound would be refined on songs such as “Shout At The Devil,” and “Looks That Kill,” from their second album the suitably titled Shout At The Devil. 

On Theatre Of Pain, Motley Crue were maturing, turning their sound into a stadium filling sound and anthem galore. Songs such as “Smokin’ In The Boys Room,” “Home Sweet Home,” and “Use It Or Lose It,” hit hard.

Girls, Girls, Girls was peak glam. The title track, “Wilde Side,” and all the rest showed a band in peak form, which led nicely into 1989.

Dr. Feelgood an album that bookended one part of Motley’s career and provided them with some seriously groovy hits. Songs such as the title track, “Kickstart My Heart,” and “Same Old Situation,” show a band that had hit the right form.

The boxset is out on 17th February via BMG.