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Wolfshade starts this live album off slowly building into an emphatic roar of defiance, that gets the crowd going. Love Crimes is a snarling monster, with a brutal riff and some pounding aggression. Of Dream and Drama is a slow build, intimidating, aggressive and definitively heavy. Lua D’Inverno is haunting, with the instrumentation striking the right notes. Trebaurna is haunting, spacial and damn right heavy, a true classic that has gone down well live. Ataegina is a nice little ditty, bringing melody, groove and power to the fore. Vampira drives itself forward, using leaps and bounds to make the point. An Erotic Alchemy grooves, slanders and roars forward. Alma Mater is a gallop and a roar, producing some seriously heavy material.

Perverse Almost Religious dances across the skies, producing some seriously grooving and melodic parts coupled with heaviness. Opium is a nice little breeze, bringing the addictivness of the substance to the fore. Awake! Dances and slithers, producing some infectious grooves and haunting melodies. For A Taste of Eternity roars into being, and snarls throughout. Ruin and Misery is an apt title for this behemoth of a song. A Poisoned Gift dances around producing a little bit of variation and chaos. Raven Claws dances, swings and sways to the beat of destruction. Mephisto is haunting and ethereal. Herr Spiegalmann is an interesting little dance and prance, moving from one edge to the next. Fullmoon Madness is another rocking tune, shifting gears infinitely.

All Gone From The Wild brings the band nicely back into focus, the intro sets the tone and allows for chaos to unfold much later. Breathe is a monster, snarling and grimacing to its heart’s content it truly is a ground breaker. Extinct shifts and turns, producing some seriously headbang worthy riffs and grooves. Medusalem is another song that takes on an interesting turn, shifting, moving and pounding its way to completion. Domina switches and turns, ensuring the listener is kept captivated, and ensuring that nobody is quite sure where things are heading to next. The Last of Us is an anthem, with big vocal lines, and a pounding chorus. Malignia is another song that has stadium quality to it. Funeral Bloom snakes around, and prods the right spots. A Dying Breed shifts, starts and stops producing an album that is both fascinating and confusing. The Future is Dark pounds away finishing off this album with perfection.

The album is out on 17th August via Napalm Records.