The legends are back and their new album shows just why they’ve earned that tag.

Cosmic Pandemia seethes and soars, bringing to life everything guttural and dark within the world. Kingdom Of Fire is brutal, producing slice after slice of heaviness and roaring rage. Radiated is another pounding fist to the face, ensuring the listener does not forget where they are coming from. Solar Vacuum does another grooving and slandering dance, built on brutal riffs, and pounding rage. The Proselygeist is filled with darkness, emitting a sense of rage and guttural brutality that none else can come close to. Maelstrom is a lesson in the art of the riff, carefully crafted, dancing around, snarling, changing tone and biting precision, it comes with everything.

Eyes Upon The Abyss comes brawling into the mainstream, snarling and channelling some deep dark desire of anger and pain, a brilliantly executed song. Dark Matter Invocation continues the trend, twisting and shifting with might and speed, producing something that both varies and growls in direction. The Hive is a dark cesspit, producing shifting riffs, and brutal direction of pain and pace. Eternal Void shimmers on the break of light, producing darkness and rage, and channelling some deep inner demon. Century is another dark growling monster. Slaves To Evermore is a fitting closing track, dancing across the body of past work, and finishing with a flourish.

The album is out 7th September via Metal Blade Records.