“Horsemen Riding,” the opener is filled with bombast and clarity, swinging from the top to the ends with a thundering rhythm. “Love Hungry Man,” combines everything that makes metal great, with a shimmer riff and some swaggering bonds in between. “Long Shiny Knives,” twists and turns, producing a slap to the face and a roar. “Horrors,” the title track is long and foreboding, ensuring that gradually the band and the listener are taken on a journey that ventures throughout the time and space continuum. “Locomotive,” swaggers in and out, defying the odds for a great time. “Black Forest,” is haunting.

“Hush Now,” keeps things quiet and on the down low. “Breaking Bones,” brings the rocker clientele back on the fore. “Roadkill,” riffs the house down with great skill and pride. “Mischief and Disbelief,” is heavy and thunderous. “Rock and Roll Monster,” twists and turns through the line to produce something very grand.

The album is out on 26th July.