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Beast Reborn is the orchestral album to the new album by this legendary band, and moves effortlessly into Ghost of A Chance which is an absolute rocker, with pounding drums and soaring vocals and an absolute epic solo, which shreds and moves. Shores Ahead is a soaring epic story, building on the narratives weaved through the melodies and the guitars. Sinister Light is slower, more thoughtful, with an emphasis on melody instead of heaviness, though as the guitars come powering in this shifts, the vocals lead the song perfectly. Traveller In Time is pounding, groove orientated and soaring in the vocal department, perfectly executed. Children’s Crusade is a rocker, powered on energy, groove and a pounding riff that carries everything perfectly.

War of Currents is filled with harmonies galore, and a vocal line that is filled with hooks and melodies. The Explorer is a journey, built on towering guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and a pounding drum rhythm. Revenant of the Sea starts slowly with an acoustic guitar melody, bringing a sharp contrast to previous songs on the record, before shifting into heaviness, and guilded melodies, a truly epic song that is sure to go down in the canon of metal epicness. Way Back Home, is a rocker, filled with harmonies, craft, melodies and heaviness, bringing power and energy. My Sobriety Mind starts with a piano intro, before shifting into epic territory with the vocal lines and the melodies that interweave themselves.

The album is out on 24th August via Steamhammer/SPV.