On the back of their very successful Beast Reborn, album Mob Rules deliver a brand spanking new live album of their tour over Europe. An album that displays their passion for performing live.

“Beast Reborn,” serves as a great intro, shifting and changing with the melodies and the wind. “Ghost of a Chance,” a blinder of a song on the record, even better when performed live. The melodies and the riffs all fit together seemlessly to enable the band to show off just how good they truly are. “Somerled,” this reviewer’s favourite song by Mob Rules, is such an anthemic choice. The guitars just soar, and the vocals roar out the song of the old battled war lord from Scotland. “Black Rain,” takes on a darkened edge, shifting and changing the melodies through, a song that is completely heavy. “Sinister Light,” takes on a very sinister tempo and change through the melodies and the workings of the band. You can truly hear the crowd getting into things. “Dykemaster’s Tale,” is epic, soaring through the crowd, shimmering and shifting with a changing wind, that enables a growing movement toward completion. “My Kingdom Come,” is a waltz towards destruction, perfection brought to life.

“The Last Farewell,” just shines. It leads the way with that darkened riff that shimmers through everything. You can tell that the audience are getting truly pumped up as the song progresses, and rightly so. “Children’s Crusade,” a song that shines through when performed live. A melodic overtone that brings the crowd to life. “On The Edge,” snarls, and bites with the growl of a band in peak form. “The Land of Wind and Rain,” shimmers through, the piano gets some early work, and the crowd really gets into the swing of things, the rhythm takes over then. “Hollowed Be Thy Name,” is completely enchanting, an epic song that shows off just how good the band are. “Way Back Home,” soars and roars, ensuring the crowd is left desiring one more song. “Rain Song,” is that song, the finale that shows everything that the band is about, what a way to finish things off.

The album is out on 13th September via Steamhammer/SPV.