‘Synchronism’ by Miracle Flair


  • Nicole Hartmann / Vocals

  • Daniel Maurizi / Guitar

  • Chris Deml / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • The Untold

  • Synchronism

  • What Remains

  • Torn Inside

  • Presence of Death

  • Torture Myself

  • Dying Existence

  • In Charge

  • In Love and Hate

  • Lost In The Void

  • Echo Of Fears

“The Untold,”kicks off proceedings with an interesting symphonic arrangement. It shifts from one point to another, slowly bringing the world into the darkness.

“Synchronism,” the title track is an ode to the world. The song combines differing elements and produces a song that is quite addictive.

“What Remains,” takes charge and immediately gets the blood pumping through that opening riff. It quietly shifts gears and turns into a rager.

“Torn Inside,” smashes down the boundaries and brings out a lot of melody.

“Presence of Death,” slows things down and brings about a period of reflection. Something that is sure to get people going.

“Torture Myself,” roars into being. A riff machine it delivers something perfect and well needed.

“Dying Existence,” turns the screws ever so slightly, and burns brightly within the night.

“In Charge,” moves at a gallop and pushes the limits through for all to see.

“In Love and Hate,” is a leader in this album. It turns the screws ever so slightly, and burnishes them with the perfect melodies.

“Lost In The Void,” builds the suspense and anticipation, until it reaches critical mass.

“Echo of Fears,” roars into being, delivering a hammer blow.

The album is out on 3rd April via Massacre Records.