‘Omnipresence’ by Mindtech


  • Mathias Molund Indergard / Vocals

  • Thor Axel Eriksen / Guitar

  • Marius G Belseth / Guitar

  • Ola Overli / Bass

  • Ole Devold / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • The Big Question

  • The Lotus Eyed

  • Unity

  • These Are The Days

  • The Journey

  • Standing Tall

  • Brahman

  • Through The Veil

“The Big Question,” kicks things off quite nicely. Driving the day and delivering some fascinating melodies and hooks.

“The Lotus Eyed,” is simply perfect. The melodies ring true together, and the sonics are just perfectly executed.

“Unity,” is a guitarist’s heaven. So many licks and tricks are used to make the song truly stand out.

“These Are The Days,” slowly brings together the competing elements within the band and allows the listener to embrace their full nature.

“The Journey,” unleashes chaos, with a very catchy riff and a driving sensation bringing it all forward.

“Standing Tall,” swaggers into being, bringing with it several different compositional techniques that allow the listener to enjoy the band’s full talent.

“Brahman,” is haunting and driven. Filled with great melodies and lyrical changes.

“Through The Veil,” smashes down the doors and finishes the album off on a great note.

The album is out on 13th March via TriTech Music.