‘The Fourth Turning’ by Mind Wars


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • The Awakening

  • Fall In Line

  • Mind Wars

  • (Who’ll Stop The) Aryan Race

  • The System

  • Digital Dictatorship

  • Marching Off To War

  • Black Death

  • Blood Red

  • Holy Terror

  • Criminally Insane

Mind Wars new album The Fourth Turning is filled with anger, passion and observations about the state of the human race. It is a brusque walk through the current ailments of society as well as possible cures.

“The Awakening,” “Fall In Line,” and “Mind Wars,” are the brutal trilogy that open up this album. They are filled with cutting observations about the state of play in 2020, how the world has gotten to this point and how it might drag itself out of the dirt and into the light.

Of course, this lifeline is cut down by songs such as “(Who’ll Stop The) Aryan Race,” which is filled with bile and rage. This feeds into “The System,” and “Digital Dictatorship,” which lambast the way we’re going.

Finishing up with “Holy Terror,” and “Criminally Insane,” one gets the sense that Mind Wars have much more to say.

The album is out on 25th September.