MIND KEY mkIII - aliens in wonderland COVER.jpg

“Alien In Wonderland,” ventures forth with precision and grace, a brilliant opener. “Hank,” is frenetic and electric, with some seriously awesome fret work. “Hate At First Sight,” soars on the air, producing some seriously delicate passages, followed by some seriously aggrandising ventures. “Angry Men,” slows things down, and adds a note of tension to proceedings. “Hands off Cain,” takes the time to slip through the rope and add an extra element of chaos. “Be Polar,” snarls and lets rip.

“Oblivion,” is another song that mixes things up a little, ensuring there is no slacking. “Psycho World,” is bombastic and bold. “Vertigo,” simply epic with the piano playing a key role in shifting the tenure of things. “Pure Heart,” snares into being. “Non-Existence,” a rocker plain and simple.

The album is out on 12th July via Frontiers Records.