‘The London Conspiracy: Chapter 1 1898,’ by Metro Society


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“1898,” sets the scene, ensuring the listener is placed within the story. The beginnings, the eeriness of it all.

“City Streets,” places the listener on the darkened corners. Haunting, furious and scared. A movement of time that darkens the clouds of the whirlwind. Bringing the edge of fury and phase.

“Lost Souls,” deliver the goods, bringing the fury and the tart, delivering chaos and intricate sensations.

“Pieces Of The Past,” delivers intriguing melodies and a thunderous reprecussion of time.

“Society,” delves deep into the mind, bringing the bite forward.

“Underground,” darts into the mindwaves of shimmering dark.

“Inferno,” pushes the darkened sides of the time.

The album is out now.