‘Messiahvore’ by Messiahvore


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Superstate,” hits the nail hard and fast, pressing down on the listener and demanding their attention before all else. A fantastic opener.

“Sleep So Sound,” gets the distorted fuses going, pressing in on all sides and letting rip for all mankind to see. A real rager of a song.

“Doublecross,” shimmies through the stratosphere, bringing about a subtle wrench from one edge to the next. Turning through the realism and producing surreal feelings.

“Consume You,” snarls like a machine, pressing in on all sides and destroying the seducation corp.

“The Last Word,” rolls through the gutter. Producing a technical term that leaves the world breathing and bleeding.

The album is out on 26th February via Coffin and Bolt Records.