‘Close’ by Messa


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Suspended,” starts off the new Messa album with delayed melodies shifting through a tempestuous storm. When the heaviness creeps in the vocals add an extra depth to the song. Turning through something that might otherwise hit with less impact. A beautiful opening.

“Orphalese,” immediately captures the attention with its unique opening. The melodies intertwine with a slow move twisting snake of a rhythm before embracing something quicker and changing. A brilliant continuation.

“Pilgrim,” moves by leaps and bounds, twisting into the darkness and hinting at the lurking chaos. Instrumentation builds to the sense that there is an eruption coming. When it emerges it shocks and shakes the ground beneath and above.

“If You Want Her To Be Taken,” grapples with intricate melodies and soulful rhythms. The song is breathtaking.

“Serving Him,” grapples with a twist and a turn. Delving into the depths of time and immortal spirit. Finishing with a graceful flourish of time and chant.

The album is out on 11th March via Svart Records.