‘The Zeramin Game’ by Memories of Old


  • Tommy Johansson / Vocals

  • Billy Jeffs / Guitar, Drums and Keyboards

  • Erick Tekilla / Bass

  • Anthony Thompson / Keyboards


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • In Exordium

  • Overture

  • The Land of Xia

  • Zera’s Shadow

  • Some Day Soon

  • Destiny

  • Across The Seas

  • Arrival

  • A Hooded Traveller

  • Fowlen’s Revenge

  • The Zeramin Game

  • Finale

“In Exordium,” is the bombastic and chilling intro that sets the scene and gets people thinking.

“Overture,” comes in next. Soaring upon new heights, driving the day and shifting temperatures.

“The Land of Xia,” is bombastic and fortuitous, a song that shifts through the gears in a rapid and ever changing pattern.

“Zera’s Shadow,” turns the page and delivers some next level epicness. The guitar melodies on this song are simply out of this world.

“Some Day Soon,” gallops along the stratosphere, delivering crucial blows here and there, whilst bringing a smile to the listener’s face.

“Destiny,” slows things down, turning contemplative.

“Across The Seas,” delivers a riptide. A song that captures the imagination and keeps pushing.

“Arrival,” twists and turns. Shifting through the strands of time.

“A Hooded Traveller,” is a  nice interlude that gets people thinking.

“Fowlen’s Revenge,” is simply epic.

“The Zeramin Game,” twists and turns, bringing together an interesting assortment of time.

“Finale,” finishes things off in grand style.

The album is out on 18th September.