‘Memoria Avenue’ by Memoria Avenue


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Stuck,” soars through and gallops on the turn. Changing and shifting the tenor at a drop of a hat. Really getting the attention of everyone.

“Can’t Blame It On The Rain,” gets the keys in early, shimmering through the changing tone. The guitars get the added edge, shifting the pressure through the wreckage of time.

“Waiting Forever,” hits a turning point. Slowly shimmering and hinting at the world beyond.

“Sometimes,” rummages into the creaking of time and space.

“If You Fall,” hits the turnpike, slamming down the creaking of the old guard.

“High As A Kite,” shifts the temperature.

“Picket Fence,” creeps through, slamming the world into something else beyond the cacophony.

The album is out on 5th November via Frontiers Music.