“Eleos,” takes a thundering thumping beat and smashes shit up. “Monochrom,” takes a turn and snarls through the gate. “Median,” is slow and unfurling with the great mast of responsibility. “Traumwelt,” is haunting and a brutal symphony. “Danke,” is another thundering driving potion of aggression. “Phobos,” big on the beats and the turns.

“Katharsis,” shifts and turns away with the winding edge, bringing about some interesting twists and turns. “Hypokrisie,” shifts with the winding tones of oblivion. “Neo Homo Superior,” twists, bringing a big playout with the winding structures of oblivion. “Spiegel,” runs the gamut through and through. “Omen,” twists and turns. “Exitus,” is a snarling and smashing monster.

The album is out on 21st June via Timezone.