‘All The Best’ by Mark Boals and Ring of Fire


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Jane

  • Broken Heart

  • I’m Sorry

  • My Turn

  • Find Our Way

  • Ring Of Fire

  • Death Row

  • Keeper Of The Flame

  • Alone

  • Battle Of The Titans

  • Betrayer

  • Lady Babylon

  • Between Two Mirrors

  • Through The Endless Night

  • Up To You

  • Garden Of Pain

  • Circle Of Time

  • The Oracle

  • Take Me Home

  • My Deja Vu

  • Blue Sky

  • Ghost Of America

  • Invisible Man

  • Lapse of Reality

  • You Were There

  • Perfect World

  • Darkfall

  • Mother Russia

  • Land of Frozen Tears

  • Our World

Metal legend Mark Boals is releasing a best of album in October and some of his finest hits are on display here.

We’ve got classics like: “Jane,” “Broken Heart,” “I’m Sorry,” and “My Turn,” that immediately capture the listener’s attention followed by some seriously groovy tunes such as “Ring of Fire,” and “Death Row.”

“Keeper of The Flame,” and “Alone,” take things to the heavier side of things.

All in all this is a classic that is sure to please fans and win new converts over.