“King Thorgan’s Hymn,” is dark, but also hopeful, most definitely a battle hymn. “Rise Of The Dark Empire,” is epic. It contains the brimming confidence of the guitars, and the soaring epic vocals of  old, a true power metal classic. “Gates of Eunomia,” slower, thoughtful and an interlude. “Tower of Knowledge,” starts off slowly, and slowly builds until it is a monster, an epic roaring monster. “Visions OF The Night,” another soaring masterpiece, carved from power metal gems. “Crystal Mountains,” twists and turns, bringing with it something new and refreshing.

“By The Dragon’s Breath,” an epic ballad. “Under The Silver Moon,” another song which slows things down and gets people thinking. “Angel Of Light,” dark, harmonial and powerful. “Princess Lariana’s Forest,” an epic story. “Temple Of The Ancient God,” a roaring monster. “We Stand Together,” a slow and reflective piece.

The album is out on 30th November via Crime Records.