“I’m Ready,” comes right out the gate. That riff is tasty. The song is structured to get the crowd going, and the vocals are ballsy to the point and on fire. A great opener. “Wanted Man,” gets the heavy shocker treatment, rolling through the thunder, turning the change and then unleashing chaos. “Motherfucker,” is a riff rager. Filled with anger and power, you can tell this is going to get people going when performed live. “Screamin’,” takes it all into the chaos of the world, shifting and changing before unleashing chaos. “Kreuzung,” takes a shift and a dart, turning through the world and allowing it all to unfold without complication here and there. “Tear It Down,” roars about, turning and twisting, shifting the plate and then allowing chaos.

“Tonight,” slows things down ever so slightly. This gives the listener time before the heaviness builds up once more and makes the listener take the dart once more. “Mad World,” rolls with the punches, turning the dart and allowing for some serious tempo shifting. It’s a song that could be a great opener. “Let Go,” roars through the tempo of pain and switches through the growling changes of the world. “Lead Boots,” swaggers through, allowing the ever changing face of the world to take over and then get wrecked. “God’s Gonna Hate Me, swaggers throughout, allowing the listener to see where the tempo and the changes are going.

The album is out on 8th November via Napalm Records.