‘Ancestral Recall,’ by Majustice


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Infinite Visions,” hits the start from the beginning. Hitting the right notes and shredding through the tempest. A song that weaves the willingness of time forward and through the echoes of insanity.

“Ancestral Recall,” soars and shreds, a song that batters through the hatches of time. A song that soars through the triumphant arch of time.

“Tears Of The Sky,” is simply epic, a song that soars through and weaves into being the temptation of the old whirlwind and the patience of the growing chord.

“Give It Up,” goes old school, a driving rocker that hits the foundations of time and produces something magical.

“Sonata Black,” slowly shifts the turn and sows the edges of time. Pushing the limits of the growing spurt, with the guitars soaring through to nirvana.

The album is out on 24th March via FC Metal.