‘The Serpent Rings’ by Magnum


  • Bob Catley  / Vocals

  • Tony Clarkin / Guitar

  • Rick Benton / Keyboards

  • Dennis Ward / Bass

  • Lee Morris / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Where Are You Eden?

  • You Can’t Run Faster Than Bullets

  • Madman Or Messiah

  • The Archway Of Tears

  • Not Forgiven

  • The Serpent Rings

  • House of Kings

  • The Great Unknown

  • Man

  • The Last One On Earth

  • Crimson On The White Sand

Magnum are an institution. One of the great bands to come out of Birmingham, they’ve had a constant stream of albums out since their formation in the mid Seventies, and now they’re back with an absolute blinder of a record in The Serpent Rings.

“Where Are You Eden?” starts things off with the strings and the drums building the anticipation, when the guitars and the keys kick in, you know you’re in for a good time. The song progresses and the vocals really bring a twister of a song together. What an opener!

“You Can’t Run Faster Than Bullets,” is insanely good. That opening riff is so catchy and hook worthy. The song itself is filled with fascinating melodies that twist and shake throughout the song, paving the way for some fascinating little exchanges.

“Madman Or Messiah,” is catchy as all hell, the vocals are strong, Bob Catley is in fine form as always.

“The Archway Of Tears,” sets things up nicely. The song is constructed in such a manner as to get the maximum out of the listener, filling them up with fuel for the continuing purpose of the world.

“Not Forgiven,” brings the eighties back to life. The guitars and the bass work in sync to produce something magical.

“The Serpent Rings,” is the title track of the album, and is an absolute blinder. The keys, the guitars, the vocals all work together to produce something magical. This song must be played live!

“House of Kings,” is a fascinating song. It works together the old elements of Magnum, such as the huge guitar tone and the thundering bass, with the new elements of Magnum. Mainly the bombastic symphonic arrangements and the turning of the vocal siren, truly allowing Bob Catley to shine through.

“The Great Unknown,” slows things down ever so slightly, allowing the listener a chance to pause and reflect on the times that have come and those yet to arrive.

“Man,” brings the synths to life, and then turns up the rock quite considerably, delivering a sharp shooter to the face.

“The Last One On Earth,” really brings things into foreground. The piano sings through on this song.

“Crimson On The White Sand,” is an epic conclusion to the album, and really captures the spirit of Magnum.

The Serpent Rings is out on 17th January via Steamhammer/SPV.