‘Of Gods And Men’ by Maelstrom


  • Gary Vosganian / Vocals

  • Dawn Macaluso / Vocals

  • Joey Lodes / Guitar

  • Daniel Kleffmann / Drums

  • Edward Marks / Keyboards


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Arise (A Waltz Toward War)

  • Army From Ash

  • The Mirror Calls

  • A Futile Crusade

  • Lament Of The Fallen

  • Th13teen Within A Circle

  • Thief Of Light

  • An Ancient Art

  • Predestined

  • SonRise (A Lullaby To The Gods)

“Arise (A Waltz Toward War),”is a fascinating opener to this long awaited album by Maelstrom. It contains all the elements. Softness, aggression, power and subtly. A song that weaves together different strands to produce something quite magical.

“Army From Ash,” steps up proceedings significantly. A song that is meant to get people headbanging, it has one of the most driving riffs that has been heard so far this year.

“The Mirror Calls,” sees Maelstrom explore the darker elements of the world. The song barrels through into something magical and decadent.

“A Futile Crusade,” snarls, biting through the tone and change of the world, demanding to be heard.

“Lament Of The Fallen,” breathes new life into an old tale. A song that combines the best of Maelstrom into one mightily epic song, from start to finish.

“Th13teen Within A Circle,” is discordant, a mesh of styles and a raging fire that burns without quenching.

“Thief Of Light,” a battering ram to the gut. A song that pushes everyone to new extremes. The riffs induce headbanging, the rhythm pushes the boundaries.

“An Ancient Art,” goes hard. The bass leading the way, demanding to be heard, demanding to be seen and listened to, gradually giving way to something overarchingly sinister.

“Predestined,” snarls and bites. A song that works with a generous fury. Shredding guitars lead the way.

“SonRise (A Lullaby To The Gods),” finishes things up with an epic turn and twist. A song that really hits the listener hard.

Maelstrom have delivered here. The album is out on 22nd May.