‘Wings Of Agony’ by Lutharo


  • Krista Shipperbottom / Vocals

  • Victor Bucur / Guitar

  • John Raposo / Guitar

  • Chris Pacey / Bass

  • Cale Costello / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Barren

  • Diamond Back

  • Blood Lightning

  • Will To Survive

  • Wings Of Agony

“Barren,”kicks things off with a haunting melody that slowly gives way to complete chaos. A song that ruptures current understandings and delivers on a promise to bring absolute insanity to the world.

“Diamond Back,” pushes the momentum forward. A song that moves this quickly is sure to bring about a lot of interesting discussion in the pit.

“Blood Lightning,” swarms the listener. The guitar melodies take a turn here and there, whilst the vocals crackle with electricity and precision.

“Will To Survive,” twists through the barren lands, shifting the composite direction and bringing with it a new meaning to the mosh.

“Wings Of Agony,” the title track of the album, is a slow moving beast. A song that is composed of a great many elements, some melodic, others harsher and more febrile. The vocals as always produce some fascinating twists and turns and ensure the listener is hooked.

The album is out on 27th March.