‘Devil’s Breath’ by Lucifer Star Machine


  • Tor Abyss / Vocals

  • Mickey Necro / Guitar

  • Marshall Speed  / Guitar

  • Benny Zin / Bass

  • Jay Impact / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • The Void

  • Dwell In Misery

  • Cruel Hearts

  • Baby, When You Cry

  • The Night Is Young

  • Eat Dust

  • A Touch Of Death

  • El Camino Real

  • Pretender

  • Evil Blood

  • Midnight Crawler

  • Your Love Remains

  • Devil’s Breath

“The Void,”kicks of proceedings with energy and bombastic riffs. A song that is sure to get people going when performed live.

“Dwell In Misery,” goes in hard, pushing the senses and ensuring the listener is treated to something quite magical.

“Cruel Hearts,” is dark and frenetic. It ensures the listener knows just what’s up.

“Baby When You Cry,” sneaks through the gap and pulsates with energy and rhythm, driving the day and smacking the light.

“The Night Is Young,” snarls and snaps. A song that is sure to get the crowds dancing and moving.

“Eat Dust,” rolls in hard, bringing with it some good old fashioned rock and roll.

“A Touch Of Death,” slowly moves into position, and when it unleashes the storm, it really goes.

“El Camino Real,” works in hard, slowly twisting the knife and brimming with energy and grace.

“Pretender,” snakes and shakes. Slowly twirling through the air.

“Evil Blood,” gets real, real quick and delivers the smack and grab.

“Midnight Crawler,” rolls in hard, twisting and turning until it delivers a seismic punch.

“Your Love Remains,” goes in hard and fast, pulsating with energy and determination.

“Devil’s Breath,” finishes with maximum impact.