‘Lovekillers’ by Lovekillers feat Tony Harnell


  • Tony Harnell / Vocals

  • Gianluca Ferro / Guitar

  • Alessandro Del Vecchio / Keyboards and Bass

  • Edo Sala / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Alive Again

  • Hurricane

  • Ball and Chain

  • Who Can We Run To

  • Higher Again

  • Across The Oceans

  • Bring Me Back

  • Now Or Never

  • Heavily Broken

  • No More Love

  • Set Me Free

“Alive Again,” snaps and crackles with intensity. There’s a symphonic edge to the song as well, which really brings everything full circle. This is a brilliant opener.

“Hurricane,” is a big and bombastic song, in the style of eighties classics. You can almost smell the big hair and the gel used to get this song going.

“Ball and Chain,” moves with a stop and a start. It shimmers through the reckoning and delivers something quite precise and chilling to the audience.

“Who Can We Run To,” brings the piano out in fore. It takes a turn here and there, shimmering on the backstreets and delivering something quite compelling and unique.

“Higher Again,” is a smack and a crackle. A song that really should be blasted out loud and proud.

“Across The Oceans,” takes a turn here and there. Slowly filtering through the growing oceans of time and space.

“Bring Me Back,” a haunting and shimmering song. One that is filled with hope and mourning for a time gone by.

“Now Or Never,” gets the anthemic setting right and slowly works itself together for the fortune and the brave.

“Heavily Broken,” weaves itself together on the back of a hefty piano melody and a darkened and twisted sense of self.

“No More Love,” allows the piano to work and the gracefulness of it all to wash over oneself. It is a truly anthemic song.

“Set Me Free,” closes things off nicely.

The album is out on 6th December via Frontiers Music