‘In The Name Of Freedom’ by Lost Legacy


  • Dave Franco / Vocals

  • Jorge Pulido / Guitar

  • Scott Bennett / Guitar

  • Jochen Wittlinger / Bass

  • AJ Spinelli / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Rise To Glory

  • My Faith

  • Front Line

  • In The Name Of Freedom

  • Take Me Away

  • Enough Is Enough

  • Will You Remember

  • Rules Of Engagement

‘Rise To Glory,”is an interesting choice for an opener. The piano melody lends itself to thoughtfulness, and a sense that something might just be creeping around the corner, though what that is, is not quite clear.

“My Faith,” gallops in on the back of that. Strong and majestic, the song soars into being. Showing off just how clearly it is designed and how smoothly the band can operate. The vocals are filled with passion and strength. The guitars intertwine and develop some intricate melodies to go along with it.

“Front Line,” is a heavy monster. A song about the front line, it is filled with aggression and pure emotion. The vocals of Dave Franco, are filled with energy and passion. This is a song that is sure to get fans going, when performed live.

“In The Name Of Freedom,” is eight minutes of pure epicness. A song that takes all the best elements of previous songs and melds them together to form one giant cocktail of emotion and energy. A song that traverses space and time, whilst also staying true to what the band stands for. A fantastic song.

“Take Me Away,” blares into life on the back of a siren call, storming through into the minefield of the world. From up on high it commands the listener’s attention and as the riffs and melodies merge together, you can see why.

“Enough Is Enough,” is a good old fashioned rocker. A song that is built on a riff and is carried by that riff throughout is a strong standout, and a song that should truly get the crowd going.

“Will You Remember,” is thoughtful. On the back of some slow moving riffs, it gets heavier and faster, until the listener is moving their head in time to the beat, head banging for the pure joy of it all.

“Rules of Engagement,” is an absolute shredder, a song that moves with the times and grooves, hard. The perfect finisher for an intriguing album.

The album is out on March 20th.