‘We Shall Overcome’ by Lord Vigo


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“The Heart Of Eternal Night,” sets the scene for something out of this world. It twists through the creeping strands of time, bringing the whirlwind through forensic riffage and a cascading melody that captures fully everything within the course.

“Since The Sun Was Young,” batters at the hatches, leveraging chaos and carnage. Demolishing the crucible of time and space, a song that withholds the precipous.

“Journey To Eternity,” haunts the periphery, slowly bringing together intriguing melodies and darts. A song that breathes and smothers, twighlighting the hammer.

“A Gathering Of Clouds,” hits a new note, striding forward and embracing the darkness. A song that whirls through the battering tide of time.

“A Necessary Evil,” creeps forward, galloping at pace. A song that twists and turns at every ledge, delivering something intoxicating.

The album is out on 1st July via High Roller Records.