‘Morningstar’ by Lord of Light


  • Nicklas Kirkevall / Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

  • Jesper Sunnhagen / Drums

  • Alfred Andersson/ Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Presage

  • Ballad of the Righteous

  • History

  • Candlelight

  • Morningstar

  • A Leaden Sky

  • Typhoon

Lord of Light, a name that brings to mind a great many things, combine that with the fact that their album is entitled Morningstar and you can just see what sort of music they play. Expect a shock.

“Presage,” shines through almost immediately. Twin guitar leads, a soaring vocal performance, and lyrics which truly tell a story. This is a band that means business.

“Ballad of the Righteous,” goes in heavy with the riffs. It takes a turn and produces something that mixes well with the keyboards. As the song progresses it moves through the turnstiles. This is a song that will get people going when performed live, and rightly so.

“History,” is the shortest song on the record, and is a purely acapella track, and one that brings a lot to life.

“Candlelight,” goes through a few phases. Twisting and turning into a measurement of time. A song that brings it all together and then unleashes the whirlpool of time. The vocals merely add to the epicness of the song.

“Morningstar,” the title track is a mixture of Rainbow and Dream Theater with some added cinematics. The song truly progresses from the recesses of the mind toward something approaching clear chaos. The middle eight is insanely good, and a song that would make any sane person’s jaw drop. This should get the band all sorts of attention.

“A Leaden Sky,” continues with the Rainbow themes. The keys are infectious on this song, truly bringing to light everything that flows through the portal of time.

“Typhoon,” goes in hard for the finale. The keys work in overtime and the guitars burn with light and precision, bringing everything forward for a monster jam as the song finishes off in epic style.

The album is out on 13th March via No Remorse Records.