LIK - Mass Funeral Evocation.jpg

“Serum 141,” is a biting shape shifting ballsy rocker. “Le Morte Homme,” is brutality at its finest, coming in with some serious bite and groove. “Ghoul,” takes a turn here and there, shifting and changing before speeding up with a solid one two punch. “Death Orgasmic,” brings some interesting shifts and changes, ensuring the listener is caught between one end and another. “Sickening,” a solid thump of metal. “Endless Oceans of Blood,” pounds and grounds.

“Behold The Beheaded,” takes one smash and then another, before building into a crescendo. “Necromancer,” shifts and changes within and without. “Skin Necrosis,” thunders into being. “Trail of Entrails,” takes a deep bite and more.

The album is out on 5th April via Metal Blade Records.