Life of Agony

“Prelude,” is hauntingly good, it sets the scene nicely for the album to follow. “Scars,” comes pounding into being with some seriously gnarly business. Twisting and turning, and then producing a fascinating riff that seriously grooves. “Black Heart,” brings the riff monsters to the fore once more, slating down the side and then bouncing up and around. Bringing together the world and smashing it forward. “Lay Down,” another seriously groovy riff, followed by some impressive vocal performances which shift and change the persuasion considerably. “Then,” a nice bridge into the middle, slowly working through the turn. “Empty Hole,” roars through the void, bringing some seriously fast paced riff work to the fore. “My Way Out,” gets the fuzzy box into motion, delivering on the carnage and the chaos.

“Eliminate,” comes growling into being, the bass line takes the cake and delivers through a winding road something that truly gets people thinking. “Now,” is demanding, raucous and something that would make the listener want to move and groove. “Once Below,” takes things to another level, slowly working into something that changes and grooves. There are elements of Alice in Chains present within the song, and that makes it all the more impressive. “Stone,” brings the swagger back into the fore. The vocals move perfectly with the way it all switches and changes. “Weight Of The World,” gets things into focus, changing the growth and producing a dart here and there. “When,” working down the pathway, slowly growing insanity as it reaches. “I Surrender,” another grooving changing little line of pain.

The album is out on 11th October via Napalm Records.