‘The Last Viking’ by Leaves’ Eyes


  • Elina Siirala / Vocals

  • Alexander Krull / Vocals

  • Joris Nijenhuis / Drums

  • Thorsten Bauer  / Guitar

  • Micki Richter / Guitar


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Death Of A King

  • Chain Of The Golden Horn

  • War Of Kings

  • Black Butterfly feat. Clementine Delauney

  • Serpents and Dragons

  • Dark Love Empress

  • Two Kings, One Realm

  • For Victory

  • Varangians

  • Serkland

  • Night Of The Ravens

  • Flames In The Sky

  • Break Into The Sky Of Aeon

  • The Last Viking

Leaves’ Eyes , the legendary metal band return and produce an absolutely beautiful new album in The Last Viking.

“Death of a King,” is haunting and mystifying, playing into the mythos that Leaves’ Eyes have developed. “Chain Of The Golden Horn,” follows on perfectly from “Death,” it is upbeat, anthemic and a song that gets the blood pumping. That opening guitar salvo and the melodies that follow are simply perfect. The vocals themselves weave in and out and paint a phenomenal picture. “War of Kings,” gets the listener fully immersed in the ancient mythos of the times and the past, pushing the listener into the void.

“Dark Love Empress,” starts off the middle ground. A song that combines melody and darkness together so effortlessly, it terrifies the listener in parts and awes them in others. This is a song that is meant to inspire awe and fear. “Two Kings, One Realm,” is epic. It is a subtle melody shifting through the strands of time toward a soothing increment. “For Victory,” picks up the pace a little and turns up the frenzy, going a little mad on the eighth and pushing everything up.

The final third of the album finds itself tied to the epic journeys of old. “Night Of The Ravens,” sets the scene, pushing the listener to consider all options and to engage in the darkness. “Flames In The Sky,” gets the heart racing, the pulse going and sends the world into a tumbling everlasting forensic dirge. A song that will get an amazing response when performed live. “Break Into The Sky Of Aeon,” is simply epic, turning through multitudes before unleashing chaos. And finishing up with “The Last Viking,” the listener is left wanting more, more, more!

An incredible album. Do yourself a favour and get it when it comes on 23rd October via AFM Records.