“Myths of Fate,” by Leaves’ Eyes


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Forged By Fire,” hits the right notes, a song that shimmers through the darkening clouds of time. Bringing epicness and time and talent to the fore. A song that breathes through the chaotic moment.

“Who Wants To Live Forever,” is an intriguing song, moving with elemental fury and passion. Delivering spine tingling moments and awe-inspiring melodies.

“In Eternity,” brings the burrows forward. Delving deep within the chaotic soul. A song that divines the intentions of truth and moment.

“Goddess Of The Night,” hits the thunderbolt, burrowing deep within the energy, the sphere that dictates where time and place can go. A song that hints at the whirlwind lurking beneath.

“Elder Spirit,” tilts to the moment. A booming and melodic twist that delves deep within the line.

“Sail With The Dead,” brings the thunder.

The album is out on 22nd March via AFM Records.