‘Jericho,’ by Last In Line


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Not Today Satan,” starts with a pulsating drum rhythm before moving into a chaotic riff. The vocals harmonise and soon enough the band and the listener are away, grooving and jiving, hitting the edge of time.

“Bastard Son,” twists the leverage. Crinkling in the elements of time and space. Hitting the tide and demonstrating the growing possibilities of the end. Powerful and electic.

“Burning Bridges,” hums through the cacophony. Temperate and measured, filled with a charging edge that grows with every telling. The hint that grooves toward darkness.

“Hurricane Orlaugh,” hits the groove and keeps it going strong through. A swaggering behemoth that refuses to give up the goat. The listener is hooked from the get go. And the vocals, the vocals are amazing!

“Walls of Jericho,” is epic. A song that packs a punch and never lets up, turning and twisting through the spheres of time without pause and without phase. The band are on fire.

“We Don’t Run,” is slow and epic. A song that grooves and tilts, a balance that makes the listener get a hint of heaviness before the full rock comes pelting down toward the end of the world.

“House Party,” lets rip. A song that grooves and chills. A blinding finisher that shows just how good the band are.

The album is out on 31st March via earMusic. Do yourself a favour and be sure to get the record!