‘Welcome To The Absurd Circus’ by Labyrinth


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“The Absurd Circus,” kicks things off, like a raging firestorm, it breathes through, turning the listener in a gooey mess. The riffs are powerful, the vocals are insane, the song just captures the imagination and demands to be heard throughout.

“Live Today,” another song with a raging forcefield of a riff to ensnare the listener and keep them hooked throughout. The vocal melodies are out of this world, as are the duelling exchanges by the guitars.

“Den of Snakes,” turns things inside out, shifting the pendulum forward and then pushing it all the way back. The listener is treated to something inspiring and critical, whilst also finding the inner turmoil being soothed.

“The Unexpected,” hits hard. Another rager of a song that combines turmoil and passion for all to see. An absolute rager of a song.

“Sleepwalker,” smooths the platform through, bringing the listener into a new world, where darkness and swagger combine to paint a new picture that catches the attention of all.

“Finally Free,” finishes things off. Smashing down the doors of reason and inviting chaos in. A song that ruptures the continuum and delivers passion and deliverance.

The album is out on 22nd January via Frontiers Music.