Bangalore’s finest metal export Kryptos return with a grand spanking new album, one that is sure to please old school fans whilst also enticing new fans to check them out.

“Afterburner,” the title track has some seriously gnarly riffage, thrown in for good measure and crossed with a hammer blow vocal line that makes it sound as if Lemmy has returned from beyond the grave to kick some ass and take names. “Cold Blood,” thunders into being. Bringing with it some seriously awesome riffage and a serious hook. “Dead of Night,” has some very impressive riffage, taking things to the next level whilst also slamming things into overdrive. “Red Dawn,” is epic. It takes a step one way and then the next, producing a marching rhythm that entices the listener.

“On The Run,” takes a sharp shift and a changing pace here and there, the vocals are biting and gnarly. “Crimson Queen,” comes in with a big sweeping vocal and guitar line that duels with one another ensuring there is some serious pay off for the listener. “Mach Speed Running,” veers into being pushing the limits and bringing everything up to eleven speeding through the gears and into something else entirely. “Into The Wind,” is fast and powerful, taking a turn here and there before moving into overdrive.

Afterburner is out on 21st June via AFM Records.