Album Cover - KOSM - Cosmonaut - 2018.jpg

“Space Mead,” starts things off with a fiery riff. It soon progresses into a lengthy melodical piece, with the vocals weaving a story into being. “Cosmonaut,” the title track is a riff heavy beast of a song. “Colossus,” slows things down allowing the vocals really shine through with a haunting melody and a piercing soaring vocal range. “Wolves Upon The Throne,” another beastly song that is driven by a gigantum riff. “The Esoteric Order,” another song that leads the way in terms of bite and pleasure. “Farseer,” haunting and driven.

“Ancient Heart,” mixes things up a little, twisting and turning with bite and grace, and slowly shifting through the strands to produce something quite spectacular. “Omnipresence,” snarls and bites. “Fiefdom In The Sky,” slows things down allowing for a breather and for the vocals to truly shine through. “Monarch,” makes things interesting, grit and determination combining into something solid. “Umbrakinesis,” is very jazz inspired. “Wza-Yei,” snarls and bites and chews the listener out.

The album is out on November 16th.