‘Puritan Masochism’ by Konvent


  • Rikke Emilie List / Vocals

  • Sara Helena Norregaard / Guitar

  • Heidi Withington / Bass

  • Julie Simonsen / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Puritan Masochism

  • The Eye

  • Trust

  • World Of Gone

  • Bridge

  • Waste

  • Idle Hands

  • Ropes Pt 1

  • Ropes Pt 2

“Puritan Masochism,” is a snarling beast of a song. A great way to start an album, and a brilliant indicator of what is to come.

“The Eye,” roars with a furious energy, devouring all those in its path and slowly snaking its way into the listener’s conscious.

“Trust,” is frantic, and a slow moving dragon of a song.

“World of Gone,” battles the raging sandstorm and delivers a pressing masterpiece.

“Bridge,” slowly but surely works through the chaos and slithers into the night.

“Waste,” roars on the back of a solid bass line. It flickers through the destruction of chaos and brings together the mass of chaos.

“Idle Hands,” snarls through the destruction of the twisting fate.

“Ropes Pt 1,” is slow moving, haunting and filled with powerful directives.

“Ropes Pt 2,” finishes things off with a mighty sonnet.

The album is out on 24th January via Napalm Records.