Kissin' Dynamite - Ecstasy.jpg

The groovers are back, with I’ve Got The Fire coming in hard, with the acoustic guitar, dancing, snarling and most importantly grooving its way into being. It’s a real feel good song and one that is sure to get the crowd moving when performed live. You’re Not Alone is another anthem in the making, the guitars fit perfectly with the call and response type vocal. Somebody’s Gotta Do It is another rocker, big and bold. Ecstasy is filled with fun riffs, and melodies, dancing across the song throughout and ensuring there’s never a dull moment. Still Around is a nice little ditty that travels melodies, patterns, and is hopeful, the vocals are very much in tune with the song. Superhuman is a monster, filled with harmonies on the guitars and some nice vocal works, its a rocker plain and simple. Placebo is another groover, filled with big riffs and even bigger vocals.

Breaking The Silence grooves, and moves with big bouncing riffs, and dancing vocals, a real heavyweight. Waging War is another song that has fire and fury in it, from the guitars, to the vocals. It’s a serious tune to get grooving to. One More Time is a nice little ditty, filled with big riffs and snarling vocals. Heart of Stone is an interesting number, part ballad, part old western, it is sure too get traction when performed live. Wild Wind is an anthem, filled with some interesting hooks and notes. No Time To Wonder is a rocker to finish.

The album is out on 6th July via Metal Blade Records.