‘Off The Soundboard: Tokyo 2001’ by KISS


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


KISS,  the rock legends who have broken a great many barriers over the years are approaching the end of the line, but before they go, they’re giving us a treat of something from yesteryear: Tokyo 2001.

“Detroit Rock City,” roars through and shows a band in peak form. Ripping through the turnstiles and getting the crowd going, the riffs are on fire, the band is tight as ever, it’s all to play for.

“Shout It Out Loud,” is another fist pumper, turning the crowd into absolute rippers. The band are energised, and filled with passion, a passion that truly cuts through.

“I Love It Loud,” is thunderous. The energy kicks the band into another level.

“Do You love Me,” thunders into being, the drums beating the crap out of the listener’s ears, whilst the band take the listener on another journey, it’s 1976.

“Heaven’s On Fire,” dips into the 80s and comes out smelling  like perfume, lipstick and power. What a song, and what a performance.

“Shock Me,” is another ripper of a song, energised and pulverising. The guitar solo dips into something primal and medieval.

“Lick It Up,” goes back to the 80s, and shows off how energised and pivotal this period was to the band, turning through and hitting their stride with everything they’ve got.

“Cold Gin,” swaggers like a drunk who knows they’re onto the firefold of time.

“Love Gun,” takes things to a whole new level. The band are approaching something seismic here, they’re in fine form.

“Black Diamond,” is all energy. Hitting its stride and smashing through the doors of time, to ensure the listener is hooked from the get go. A song that shows off everything that’s perfect about KISS.

“Rock & Roll All Nite,” finishes things off perfectly.

KISS, what a band, what a career.