‘Live in Poughkeepsie,’ by Kiss


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


Kiss set the scene for frenetic live performances throughout their career, and in this latest off the Soundboard recording, we venture to Poughkeepsie in 1984.

“Detroit Rock City,” kicks things off and is filled with frenetic energy and domination. A song that turns and twists through the leverage to bring the goods.

“Creatures Of The Night,” hits the thunder. An anthem from this period, the band are on absolute fire throughout.

“Heavens On Fire,” hits the goods and brings the goods. An anthem for the entire nation.

“Under The Gun,” is heavy, intimidating and ferocious.

“Young and Wasted,” shows off Eric Carr’s pipes and boy does he deliver.

“I Love It Loud,” brings the goods and hits them hard.

“Love Gun,” is full of energy and bite.

“Black Diamond,” stands out from the crowd and hits the road good and hard.

“Lick It Up,” is prominent and powerful.

The recording is out on April 7th.