DISS0105CDD Kill Ritual.jpg

Formed in 2010, by former members of groups as illustrious as Dark Angel and Eldritch, Kill Ritual have brought together a new brand of metal. One that is a mixture of traditional, thrash, heavy and just straight up balls to the walls. Their influences are there for those who wish to find them, and they are growing.

Tales of Woe, This Addiction, All Men Shall Fall and Megalomaniac brings new refreshing heaviness to the music world, showing that it is not just stale or repetitive. There are some seriously infectious grooves present throughout these songs, and the guitar playing and vocals are off the charts. These songs should all be added to the live setlist on the band’s new tour.

The next half of the album continues on this great trend, bringing gems to the fore such as Save Yourself, Re-Imagining, Dead Man On The Water, Heart Collector, Sins, Lies and the final track Kage. These songs have got something a little extra about them, perhaps it’s the thrill of such variety, but they are all promising, and will have something solid when played live.

Be sure to get this record when it comes out on 23rd February, via Dissonance Productions.