‘The Last Horizon’ by Kenziner


  • Markku Kuikka / Vocals

  • Jarno Keskinen / Guitar

  • Jukka Karinen / Keyboards

  • JJ Hjelt / Bass

  • Make Lievonen / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Run For Your Life

  • Our Times

  • Heroes Ride

  • Devour The World

  • End Of An Era

  • Keep The Flame Alive

  • I Am Eternal

  • No Turning Back

  • The Last Horizon

  • Perfect Moment

“Run For Your Life,”is a powerful opener. The riffs gallop at speed whilst the melodies come in with meaning and purpose. A song that gets the blood pumping.

“Our Times,” is another riff rager. A song that combines varying riffs to deliver a song that is filled with bombast and pace. The vocals add an extra dimension to proceedings to add that extra kick.

“Heroes Ride,” goes all in for the shred fest, delivering some of the finest guitar work so far.

“Devour The World,” sweeps in and around, producing some fascinating guitar work. The vocals soar into being, capturing the listener’s imagination and producing something fantastic.

“End Of An Era,” is intense, moving through the shifting strands of time to deliver something that truly captures the present and the ending of time.

“Keep The Flame Alive,” is epic. A song that starts off slowly, with grand riffs and a competing melody on the keys, gradually turns into an anthem that demands attention.

“I Am Eternal,” is a complete shred fest. A song that delivers on one purpose, to make things as epic as possible.

“No Turning Back,” goes all in on the neo-classical front. Those melodies and that riff together is something out of this world.

“The Last Horizon,” the title track is epic. It combines a slow moving groove, with some serious shred to produce a song that is simply phenomenal. This is one that is surely going to resonate with listeners.

“Perfect Moment,” slows things down to get some thoughtfulness going, whilst still keeping to the innate aspects of the band. A fitting finale.

This reissue is out on August 28th.