‘Phoenix’ by Kenziner


  • Peter “Zinny” Zalesky / Vocals

  • Jarno Keskinen / Guitar

  • Ariel Perchuk / Keyboards

  • Jupi Hjelt / Bass

  • Make Lievonen / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Eye of Horus

  • Listen To The Devil

  • Shadow Of The Moon

  • Tears Of Destiny

  • The Mirror

  • Osiris Rising

  • Curse Of The Pharaoh

  • To Hell and Back

  • Phoenix Rising

  • The Miracle

“Eye of Horus,”kicks things off for Kenziner and boy is it a fantastic song. The vocals are simply out of this world and the instrumentation adds to that otherworldly feeling. A true gem of an opener.

“Listen To The Devil,” comes pounding out like a thunderstorm. A song that rocks the foundations of the world and ensures the listener sits up and takes notice.

“Shadow Of The Moon,” is a riff rager. A song that captures the spirit of the wild perfectly. Kenziner really explore the depths here, and turn the screws ever so slightly.

“Tears Of Destiny,” shakes the world’s foundations. Turning the screws ever so slightly, it forms up into a world of menace and doubt, before shipping itself into power.

“The Mirror,” brings the riffage aspect of Kenziner back to the forefront whilst also delivering a sharp kick for their melodical aspects.

“Osiris Rising,” ventures into the unknown. A song that brings about ancient myths and puts a new melodic and heavy spin to them. A song that truly captures the heavy edge to everything.

“Curse Of The Pharaoh,” works through the minefield and delivers something special. Kenziner deliver a sharp nod to their past whilst delivering the new rebirth.

“To Hell and Back,” a song that ventured forth into a world of interesting perplexities and shimmering nods.

“Phoenix Rising,” pushes things into a new direction, the riffs are more jagged, more precise, and the vocals are sharper. Could this be a sign of where Kenziner go next?

“The Miracle,” initially comes in slow and thoughtful, allowing for consideration and then as things spice up slightly, so too does the listener’s intentions.

This fantastic album is out on June 26th.