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“Never Gonna Let Her Go,” is huge as an opener, it has that big choral opening, before twisting into something softer, whilst retaining those big edges and melodies. “All Of Me,” is slow, thoughtful and filled with some fascinating melodies and weaves. “We The People,” has some big words to shout about, and some even bigger melodies that take the time to really construct themselves together. “Golden Gun,” takes time to weave itself about whilst not completely abandoning the old sensibilities. “In Your Arms,” slower, and much more thoughtful. “The Sweetest Things,” is another song that takes its cue from the old way.

“Burn It Down,” picks up the pace and takes it to a whole new level. “Jeremiah,” is slow and thoughtful with the piano leading the charge. “Call Out,” another big piano number that leads the way. “In Light Of You,” has some very nice guitar work and some soulful melodies. “Trouble So Hard,” another song that ventures toward the abyss before coming back to the light.

The album is out now.