“Sky Void Of Stars,” by Katatonia


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Austerity,” starts things off with a haunting and thundering melody. Changing through the cascading winds of time, hinting at a madness just beyond the surface.

“Opaline,” haunts the very frame of time. A song that transcends through the fabric of a moment within the ledge.

“Drab Moon,” slowly throws through the moment. A song that can know nothing more than the edge of the whirlwind and the point of a cascading leverage.

“Impermanence,” shifts the temperature several notches through the growing chasm.

“Atrium,” turns into the being of space and time. A song that hits the forward motion, cascading into the vines.

“Absconder,”(Mediabook Bonus Track) slowly makes its way to the turning of time. A song that pushes the limit.

The album is out now via Napalm Records.