‘City Burials’ by Katatonia


  • Jonas Renkse / Vocals

  • Anders Nystrom / Guitar

  • Roger Ojersson / Guitar

  • Niklas Sandin / Bass

  • Daniel Moilanen / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Heart Set To Divide

  • Behind The Blood

  • Lacquer

  • Rein

  • The Winter Of Our Passing

  • Vanishers

  • City Glaciers

  • Flicker

  • Lachesis

  • Neon Epitaph

  • Untrodden

“Heart Set To Divide,”starts things off for this new Katatonia album. The vocals are haunting, surreal and ethereal. The band truly show themselves in a good light here, pushing through the caution and the chaos to make something deep and meaningful.

“Behind The Blood,” goes full old school. The riffs are on point and the vision is clear, crystal clear. As things progress, the band sound in fine fettle, and the vocals soar around the listener, delving into something new and fresh.

“Lacquer,” is a unique take on proceedings. Something that shifts through the tenament of time. The vocals are haunting and lead the listener toward a new path that is as of yet uncharted.

“Rein,” takes the bull by the horns, and delivers a circular thrust through into the darkened edge.

“The Winter Of Our Passing,” delivers a sharp drive. The melancholic melodies that play out on the guitar are infectious and feed into the vocals.

“Vanishers,” soothes the soul, and gives the vocals centre stage.

“City Glaciers,” goes for the ambient direction, with hardened edges. Turning the screws ever so slightly, to produce something both magnificent and dark at the same time.

“Flicker,” moves through the turnstiles. Shifting the world into darkness and light.

“Lachesis,” takes the screw and moves into being, diminishing the shifting scales of time and allowing the world to darken.

“Neon Epitaph,” smacks through the crudeness and delivers something infinitely majestic.

“Untrodden,” breaks new ground. The piano melodies shift intricately through the song, whilst the vocals take the lead and deliver a subtle shift to all above.

The album is out on 24th April via PEACEVILLE.