“Black Night In My Chair,” is a melodical barnstomper that switches and turns with great power and energy. “Poker,” shreds and lifts and moves from power to grace within the flick of a switch. “Medieval Fire,” turns and bites and shifts with the great power chase of thunder. “The Race For Life,” is a barnstormer, moving with slow tendered energy and grace. “Flying Fire,” shifts and groans, delivering some seriously seering bites of energy.

“Wild,” is an interesting song taking dips and turns here and there, before pushing into overdrive. “Walls of Whispers,” plays on the dark deepened snake of power and grace. “Let There Be Fire,” moves with darkened energy and synthetic power. “More,” heavy and riff binding in one go. “The Promised Land,” a journey and a half.

The album is out on June 14th.